Week 81

Awesome past week!! This past week was one for the books and this week has been the same! We had a leadership meeting with all the ZL´s and we were talking about the power of prayer and how we should teach our missionaries how to pray with more faith and power in order to get better results and receive eternal blessings. Therefore, this past week we put this to the test and we started to make our prayers more specific and in our prayers we listed every single thing that we were going to do and what we wanted to accomplish and who we wanted to visit and I can promise all of you that we saw the promised blessings and we were able to acheive double than what we were accomplishing before. We thought we were doing great before but we knew we could be doing double. Therefore through faith, action, and love we were able to find families and people that were specificly mentioned in our prayers and at the exact moment that we planned to meet them. Lots of incredible experiences this week and I dont see any sign of us slowing down  so Im excited to keep this rythm going!!!!!   

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