Week 68-Giving a Much Needed Priesthood Blessing

Miracles Miracles Miracles!!!!! This week has been the best week ever!!! At the start of the week I had said a prayer to be able to find someone who we would be able to share the plan of salvation with so that we may heal their broken hearts and so we left early in the morning to go contacting and we had found many new people to teach but we still hadnt found the person yet until we contacted the last door before lunch and when we knocked the door a man came out and he was in tears and he said, ¨WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE!!!¨ And I responded, ¨We´re here to bless your life and share a message of peace and hope!¨ He opended the gate and let us in and we sat down without saying a word and a crying mother came to us and she said that her son had passed away 2 weeks ago and that he had spoken to missionaries a long time ago and he had been baptized but the family never followed his footsteps. So we explained our purpose as missionaries and how we are representatives of his church and we were able to share the plan of salvation and testify of gods eternal love and it was an absolutely blessing to be able to see their faces light up with a new hope and happiness! Love this plan!! Also our boy juan garcia is a machine and came to stake conference in a suit and he committed to live the word of wisdom and the law of chasity!!! This week we were also contacting doors and I approached a gate and a lady across the street yelled and said,¨My moms inside just go in!!¨ I was like….Bueno hahah. We go in and a little woman in pain was rapped up in a ball crying and the family sat around her in tears trying to comfort her and we walked in and we began to talk with one of the sons and he said that the mother had bone cancer and she has little time to live. He told us that his mother was baptized in the church a long time ago but the missionaries hadnt passed by for years but the son remembered that we gave blessings and he asked us to give a blessing to his mother. We were able to give her a blessing and teach the family the plan of salvation. still lovin´ this plan haha! This week I also found the biggest family EVER!!!! I found a family of 20 people and half of them are members!! We walked by the gate and we saw them all working in the field and all of a sudden the father saw us and he walked over to us and said, ¨Elderes….how did you find us? We only have 1 week here.¨The whole family left their shacks and came to see us and all of their faces were just lit up with joy and they invited us in and we taught the whole family and we are going to help the other half of the family get back to church!! Overall, an amazing week full of miracles and to top it all off for P Day we cooked up some chorripanes!!! 

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