Week 24-Joseph’s baptism

This week was so great!! Its been really hot lately and its around christmas time so its been pretty dead in the sector but its been really good. This week we had an activity with the youth and we spent the whole day with them so they can learn how to be missioraries and I worked so hard with my kid!! The kid could bear testimony really well and we were having a ton of success. I did however ask how his family was the next day and they said he was still in bed sleeping at like 4 hahah! Also I had the opportunidad to baptize my good friend Joseph and he was super excited to get baptized and so was his family in Haiti. I also got to say goodbye to my favorite peruano family cause they are headed out on vacation and I wont see them for awhile. It was super funny cause they brought a friend and we decided to start teaching her cause she seemed really receptive and at the end of the lession I decided to give her a Book of Mormon and she turned it down!! I asked why and she told me she didnt have any money to buy it and after she said that me and my comp were laughing and explained that it was free and after hearing that she flipped out and was so happy and asked to take pictures with us and me and my comp were so happy and laughing hahhaa. But anyways this week has been really good and I am just getting ready for Christmas!!

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