Week 6–CHILE!!

I love my mission! So I didn´t sleep on the plane so when I arrived I hadn´t slept in 24 hours so I was super tired. Out here they don´t drink that much water so all I´ve been drinking is soda. My companion Elder Garcia is super nice but speaks no English which is really hard for me but it´s nice cause I have to speak Spanish out here. Also it´s so freaking cold and the problem is you can´t get rid of the cold so I am always cold. And theres no hot water in the sinks so I haven´t really felt warmth in awhile. Also Chile is a lot more ghetto then I thought. Everywhere I go is super sketchy, but I love it. My companion took me to a complex where an investigator lives and as I walked into the gate a ton of Haitianos (the blackest people I´ve ever seen) are smoking and sharpening knives. We walk into the house and we were teaching a lesson to about 7 of them in this small place. There were no lights in the house so it was pitch black and I couldn´t see any of them. It was really funny cause I tried explaining the Light of Christ to people as I couldn´t see. Also every house here is super small and the ceilings are super low so I always have to squat down when there is a ceiling fan. The freaking dogs out here are distgusting. A dog ran up to me and tried licking me but its brain was spooling out and it had mud all over him. It was so gross. So far I have loved being here and I love not beig able to speak english and feel warmth and not have water. Just kidding I really need a filtered water bottle. 

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