Week 27!

Hola!! This week was super dope! We ran out of gas this week so we were outside waiting for the gas guy and I decided to buy a watermelon for my boys but the guy selling the watermelon was trying to rip me off but I negociated with the guy and I walked away with a watermelon for $1!! So I feel like my spanish skills got a little better hahah. Also, I had the best Sunday ever cause I brought two really cool investigatores to church and they both got up and bore testimony in front of everyone!! I was a little nervous but they both testified about the truthfullness of the book of mormon which was super cool!! This week I also had the chance to be with an elder from the CCM and his name was elder Tzoc and he was from guatemala! He was super cool and he told me he was a little nervous but I took him contacting the whole day to get over that haha. We also found this really cool haitian investigator and as we walk into the house the lady sat us down and told us to wait and then she bolted out of the house and ran into the Adventista church. We were kinda confused but we saw her walking back to her house with her father who looked like a big and mean dude ahha. We flipped out cause he looked mad that his daughter had to pull him from church but as he walks into the  house he yelled, ¨HERMANO!!¨ He smiled and gave us a big hug and served us some coca cola and we ended up setting another appointment with him hahaha. We also have been teaching a Haitian named ¨Papa¨and as we walked in his house he told us he cooked us something and so he pulled out a bottle of juice and he told us it was blended up potatoes, milk and carrots and I about threw up cause it was so gross!! I had to finish the glass cause if I didnt he would have gotten offended but by far one of the grossest foods or liquid thingy I have ever tried here hahah. But other then that I have been loving the mish but not the heat here hahah

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