Week 14-getting my pocket shredded

This week was so busy! My companion only has 3 weeks left of his mission and so he wants to do just straight work and so we have just been doing straight contacting this week. However my companion told me I would have to do everythying and its been kinda nerveracking but it´s been good for my spanish. I kinda hate it cause he literally wont say anything and I have to talk the whole time but it´s a good learning experience HAHA. I made some really cool contacts this week to, like my first person this week was a big Haitian dude with a fat gold chain and no shirt and I was just a white guy with a plaque smiling. He ended up being really cool and we started talking about his babymama and it was super funny. After that we met a really cool old lady who was eating ice cream and I asked her if she had anymore and she DID! So I got myself a free Ice cream cone and a cita. Also this week I was talking to some guy in the street with my hand in my pocket and someguy comes up behind me and shoves his hand in my pocket and just shredded my pocket trying to snag some of my money…..but I´m broke HAHA. I was pissed and blown away but as I looked at him running away I saw he had no left arm so I just brushed it off and said whatever. This week has also been a big week for soccer which means it was super dangerous in the streets so it was kinda a sketchy week for me. We were doing service for some lady and we got to see some of the game but when we finished the Hermana said we would have to start running and I started laughing but as we walked home in the rain it literally looked like a zombie movie cause a ton of drunk guys were walking in the shadows and we heard pistols going off really close to us and my companion freaking started running and it caused a seen and so I had to run too haha. This week I also had some really cool experiences that were really humbling! I had a lesson with a haitian woman who was super pregnant and her house had trash on the floor, lightbulbs taped to the ceiling, and their bed set was just a mattress taped to 4 chairs to hold it up. Also the hermana didn´t speak much spanish so we had to give the lesson in french which was super cool! My french was trash but I got the message across I think HAHA.  It was a super cool experience to see the gift of tongues work and the hermana was saying how she could feel the spirit and we gave her a book of mormon and we got another lesson with her! Also in my mission I have to learn French and Spanish so I didnt just know french in the moment haha. Anyways this week I also got to see my whole ward and there was only 8 people!!! Only 4 priesthood holders in my ward and so I am really trying to get the numbers up cause it´s such a small ward. ALSO I made a really good friend who has 1 eye and he hooked it up and put french fries on my churrasco, which is like a hamburger, but he´s a true homie now.

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