Week 15-dog smacking

This week was freaking hot!! We have been in the streets everyday contacting and I´ve been having to do everything and the only time I get to rest is when we set up an apointmoint at night with a member but by then my brain is so fried from talking all day. This week was more calm (dangerous wise) and I only had 1 guy yellin at my face. But nothing to crazy happened in the streets this week so it´s been a blessing. Also I heard english the other day in some music from a member and it kinda freaked me out cause I don´t really hear english too much now since I don´t have gringos in my house. I spoke english once in my house and the latinos kinda yelled at me so my mind has been just straight spanish recently. Also I was in an investigators house the other day and she had an ugly, aggressive dog and it kept biting the heck out of my calf and it was hurting really bad and I didn’t want to make a scene or say anything and so I just let it happen and when they weren’t looking I fetching smacked the thing with a pillow cushion. The thing slid across the floor and smacked my companions knees and it attacked him and thats finally when the hermana looked and took the dog away. Lets just say I haven´t been a fan of the dogs out here. Also for P day today we went hiking and it was super steep and slippery towards the top but it had some good views and it was super fun. After that we went to play soccer and we played against some teenagers and we fricking whooped them!! it was 6-1 and they were kinda mad and swearing but it was super fun. I am still pretty bad at soccer but I think I´m getting better. Overall this week was super good but it is getting soooo hot!!

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