Week 57–An Amazing Fast Sunday Experience

Hola Hola mis queridos amigos!!! This week was one for the books! Lots of cold contacts and appointments falling but its all good cause we are out to find the chosen ones! It was hilarious cause on thursday we had planned appointments all day and it turns out that they all canceled right before we showed up at the door hahahah so we were stuck in the streets all day contacting so it was fun ahhahaha! But other than that I actually had a really cool experience with my fast on sunday!! In my fast I asked to find someone who desperately needs the light of the gospel in their lives and right after lunch that day we had an appointment with someone and she lives in a house full of other people so we knocked and a man came out and told us she wasnt there. But he told us that we could come in and meet HIS family. As we walked in he presented us to his family and I met his wife who looked really sad and I asked her how she was doing and she said she was doing really bad. She said she had been going through some really hard trials in her life and that she had the idea to take her life. As I sat down with her I began to testify of the saviors love and how the message of the restoration of the gospel of jesus christ could really provide her with the peace of conscience and that she could be able to rebuild her relationship with christ again. I also explained to her that christ had restored the priesthood authority to be able to give blessings to those in need of comfort and she accepted the invitation to receive a priesthood blessing and I gave her probably one of the most sincere blessings I have ever given in my life. As I ended the blessing her eyes were filled with tears and she was trying to catch her breath and the spirit filled the room. After she caught her breath she thanked us with tears in her eyes and she told me and my comp that she had been praying to god for messangers to come save her. I am so grateful for our loving heavenly father who hears our prayers and looks out for his children and for the priesthood power that he restored upon the earth. I invite everyone to trust in the priesthood because it works mighty miracles. Trust in it!! Love you guys!!

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