Week 47-stomach bug

Well this week was an interesting one haha. We have been seeing a lot of progress in our investigatores lately and we have been helping them get ready for there baptisms and all´s been good. However the chileans had vacations this past weekend and that meant that nobody was home hahah. So we were stuck knocking doors all day but nobody answered hahah…..and I just so happened to get a stomach bug and I got super sick so as we were knocking doors and running around I was just puking and chewing mints the whole time so that I could stay out and work hahah. This week was definently one for the books hahah. Love the work and I love the people so I have been super happy! Love you guys and keep enduring to the end!!

*Thank you Grandma Skaar and mom for the Spikeball game! Everyone here loves it!

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