Week 10

Hola! This week was pretty good and pretty calm. September 11th happened on monday and the people went crazy but in my area it was pretty calm. All I saw was a bunch of teens with clown noses smoking weed and spray painting so not much happened. Me and my boyz just played a lot of cards and stuff because we weren’t allowed to go outside after lunch. Also this week we got to see our investigator, Constanza, get baptized and it was awesome! However the ward I’m in hasn’t had a baptism since 2008 so the baptismal font was super dirty and I had to mop it and it was the worst. O and I bought a sweet hat from the Persa and I was wearing out in the streets so I could do the Chileans traditional dance with them and the Old ladies got a big laugh and they invited me and my companion over to have a lesson and so I started wearing the hat everywhere now HAHA. Also out here in Chile theres things called Haitian Hutz and it’s where a ton of Haitians built their houses when they fled here and they freaking turn up in there shacks. It was pouring rain and these guys all had a bottle of whiskey and some fake Jordans on and they were playing some Bob Marley so I was super happy to hear some real music. They all spoke French so I couldn’t communicate to them but I start laughing and dancing and they all started smiling and invited me in. I didn’t get a lesson in with them but I left a Word of Wisdom pamphlet inbetween the couch cushion. Anyways chile is super cool and I am loving being here!!

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