Week 13-drunks,gang fights, and baby shower dance party…

This week was really awesome and I had some really cool milagros esta semana.  Also it rained a ton this week and it freaking flooded the streets and I was walking around in mud soaking wet with a big smile on my face. It was also General Conferencia entonces me and some other gringos in my zone got to watch it in english but it was super cold in the room that we were in so it was hard to pay attention when all of our teeth were chattering. But it was a super cool general conference and we had a great time. Also this week I got to see a really cool sword fight! Two drunk guys were cutting meat and they got mad at each other and I think they were just playing around with their knifes but it looked like they were trying really hard to stab each other. Also this week I had a close encounter with some pistols and some not so good people. I was walking in a park and I look over at a man who looked suspicious and he was stuffing a pistol in his pocket and when I saw it I didn´t stop looking at it and I kept looking at him!! My face was kinda frozen but the man just pointed away with his lips which is classic chilean for,”Get out”. 5 min. later a man came up to us and grabbed us by our ties and he was screaming to forgive him for what he did. I didn´t understand him but we tried to get our ties back and we gave him a Plan of Salvation Folleto. I asked my companion about what he said and he apparently shot someone in a gang fight and he felt terrible. So that was crazy. But also this week I found an investigator and she really liked what we had to say so she invited us over again and when we came by again it was her baby shower! We walk in and it was the most awkward party I have ever been too HAHA. The people reminded me of the latios in Nacho Libre and everyone was super quiet and sat on every edge of the house and everyone had a blank face. They had some music playing but no one was dancing and I sat in the back with my companion and after 30 min. of sitting there I just started laughing cause of the whole situation and me and my companion both were laughing so hard and everyone else joined in! One of the grandmas Started dancing and she demanded me to join her and I was like, Ight, so I was having the time of my life dancing with a Book of Mormon and kinda showing it off when I was spinning around. Anyways this week I did have a lot of Miracles and super cool spiritual experiences! One was when we walked into a less actives house and after awhile I decided to share a scripture that I randomly flipped to and I started talking to her and words and impressions started flowing from me and I felt the spirit so strong and the hermana y Hermano were both in tears and I was like YEET! I felt really good cause I thought my spanish was a little shaky but I´m starting to give whole lessons now so it´s super cool. But after the lesson he asked if I could say a prayer with his mother who was dying in the other room and to bless his home and I was like, Freak I hope my spanish is good enough! I didn´t feel prepared cause it felt really important and I didn´t want to mess up but it went really well and I´m blessed to have had his trust to do that! Anyways muchos milagros muy importante para mi esta semana pero son muy importante para mi entonces posible proximo semana! 

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