Week 65

Hey everyone!! This week was super awesome and full of miracles! This week we have been having a ton of success with our less actives that we are trying to reactive and we had an awesome ward activity and a ton of our less actives went and had a blast!! Also we found this really cool columbian lady and we were prompted to teach her the plan of salvation and the lesson went great and right after we both testified at the end of the lesson she looked absolutely astonished and amazed and we invited her to pray and she said the most sincere prayer and as she said amen she looked up at us and she says, ¨ I remember everything now…..you both were an answer from god that I was waiting for…..I saw you guys in a dream!!!!¨ Me and my comp were blown away and astonished what she said and we were so very thankful for the spirit for guiding us to NANCY!!! This week we also found a Peruana mother who is super awesome and we came by just at the right time cause it was kinda hard to find her but we walk in her house and she grabs all sorts of treats from Peru and she grabs a huge bottle of Inca Cola and she just starts serving us all kinds of treats and snacks and I felt like I was in heaven!! We told her we couldnt eat anymore but she wouldnt take No for an answer hahaha. She is a super cool new investigator and super prepared by the lord so I am super excited to see how she progresses! Overall the week has been full of miracles just like these ones and I am so very thankful to be here in Chile! Love you guys!! 

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