Week 8

This week was really awesome!! Me and my companion got 4 baptisms which is really great cause this mission isn´t a high baptizing mission anymore. Also my spanish is getting better and I´m starting to understand the people a little bit more. My companions english is getting a little better also which helps me a lot. One of my favorite moments from this week was when I taught a family at their house was in a, valley of trash, I don´t know how to say the actual word in english, and their house had no doors and was made out of ply wood. The mother had no husband and no teeth except for one gold tooth. The kids had holes in their pants, no shoes, and were covered in dirt and they had no coats or anything. Their hands were literally black and the whole time I was sitting outside their home I was feeling so bad for their situation and I felt awful. One of the things I noticed was that no one complained about anything and they still had smiles on their faces. It was truly humbling for me cause I take a lot of things for granted and it left me speechless. Also it was super cold this past week and rained a ton and after the rain stopped thats when you see all the dead dogs and it´s been really gross walking around lately. The problem is no one picks up the bodies so they will just lay there forever so all the streets smell really bad. But I´m still loving my mission and I can´t wait until I can finally understand these Chileans.

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