Week 12

Bueno, this week was a great week and lots of stories!! Well one of my best friends in the mission went home and I´m gonna miss my boy. Also I got a new companion!! Super excited cause he´s super hardworking and we have doubled our goals each day. We got put in La Pintana which is the scariest sector of the mish which has been kind of a new experience for me and definently eventful. People have chanted to kill me and luckily I didn´t understand much at the time cause it was apparantly pretty bad. But other than that I feel like as long as I wear my plaque I have a better chance at living. Also I´m in a house with all latinos so it´s helped my spanish so much!! They are all super cool guys and I´m excited to see how my spanish is after this. Anyways one story is when my senior companion and my buddies seniuor companion went contacting together and so me and my buddy who is also new had to go contacting and we freaking killed it!! I was able to share a lot and it was a super cool experience for us newbys. Also I love the Haitians!! They don´t speak much spanish or english which is great for me HAHA. But I met some really cool ones and the lady always makes the best food for us but it´s so spicy and so me and my companion gave them a fan for their house and they were so excited HAHAH. They gave us some water and afterwards I went to rinse out my cup and the freaking sink busted and I felt bad so I tried to fix it but I just put the

guys pants over it and called it good.

<this is Maverick’s mom here: THIS IS TYPICAL MAVERICK!!🙄>

Also I had to say goodbye to my favorite familys in my old ward and I´m gonna miss them so much especially constanza and Jorge who have been kinda like my parents out here. And I also had a bunch of spiritual experiences this week but some are just awesome stories for when I come home but one this week was when I was walking in the street and a man who seemed kinda like a gringo came up and started talking to me in english. And I hadn´t heard english in awhile so it took me by surprised and my brain was trying to figure out which language to speak. But he told us he was just about to give his wife a blessing and he had been praying for someone to help him cause he couldn´t do it by himself and he didn´t speak spanish but his wife did. So when I came walking by him he called me his “Answer” so it was a cool opportunity to be apart of that blessing and he told me he was from Florida and his wife is from Venezuela, and they came down for vacation but she got super sick. But anyways this week has been super exciting!!  

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