Week 49-it’s freezing here!!

0 degrees outside, cold rains, flooded streets and frozen shoes….. This week has been awesome! Really cold week for us out here in Chile but we havent let that stop us from the work. We´ve been breaking our goals, reactiving the lost causes, and we had ourselves 2 baptisms this week. Probably one of the most successful baptisms I´ve seen so far in the mission. We had more members at this baptismal service then in church on sunday, tons of non members and inactive members, lots of investigatores came, and at the end of all of it I got to dunk my buddies in the icy baptismal font because the hot water didnt work hahhaa. I couldnt be happier and the work just keeps getting better and the miracles never cease! Endure to the end! Vale la pena!

One thought on “Week 49-it’s freezing here!!

  1. Elder Minor:

    Sounds like your having a great mission, I like the icey water it brings back fond memories of my mission the Dakota’s, Montana, Minnesota and Wyoming.

    You and your companions look so happy and that’s the way it is supposed to be.

    It is always good to hear from you and know you are serving the Lord. You such a good example for all your cousins, and all of us older folds.

    We are all doing fine just working and trying to stay healthy. I will share this email with your aunt Carol and look forward to hearing from again soon.

    May the Lord keep and bless you,

    Grandpa Wayne



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