Week 82

We´re still on a role!!! Double,double double!!! We set some big goals this week and we have been having to wake up an hour earlier, leave earlier in the morning, fast lunchs, and we have been taking advantage of every moment to teach and find! We have been killing it and I have never seen so much success!! This past week we had zone conference with the whole north part of the mission and I had to do a couple training courses for the mission and it was fun and I also won the missionary consecration contest for the second time in a row!!! This week I also had a super cool experience with fasting! So we are teaching a couple and we love them so much and we want them to keep the law of chastity in order to receive a ton of blessings and so we fasted and prayed for this couple and we went by to teach them and our prayers were immediantly answered! The Lord had provided this couple with many signs and answers for example random magazines about marriage that randomly appeared on their pourch or other friends and freaking jehova witnesses that talked with them about getting married hahahah. I love the lord and I love how I can put my trust in him in order to be of greater benefit to his beloved children. I have never felt so strongly about the power of fasting till now and I know that sometimes we think, ¨Why does god want us to do this?¨ But what god wants for us is to show him that we trust in him and his word so that he can work miracles in our lives and the lives of those that we love. Awesome week, Obedience,double, fasting, faith….Perfect week in the mission!!…..Also played a little bit of spikeball with the boys!! haha  

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