Week 80

HOT HOT HOT over here in Chile!!! Awesome past week and full of good ol` contacts hahaha. Nearly everyone is on vacation so we stay on the same 3 streets all day talking with everyone and taking references  so its been a blast but the only hard thing for us is the heat hahahah its making us melt hahah. We keep cool by eating popsicles and drinking Jumex but I am still stubborn and I havent been using sunblock hahah. This week we have also been celebrating birthdays and having some fun zone activities like zone services  and it helps the zone unite even more which is great!! Also, we are teaching a haitian named johanna and she is a machine investigator but she doesnt speak much spanish so I have had to practice my creole with her, “Mwen pale yon ti kras nan Kreyol” hahaha and  we went to teach her yesterday and she has been reading the book of mormon alone and she has grown a  testimony about the restoration and Joseph Smith!!! Awesome week and I am having lots of fun!!! 

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