Week 37-eating Pervian food!

Well this week went by a little too fast hahha. This week was a little hard to find new people cause every church had there missionaries outside knocking on all the doors and it really impacted us cause nobody wanted to talk to us. We have however been seeing little miracles at the end of the day which is like the worst time of the day if you dont have a lesson with someone. We found a man  named Sebastian and he said he met with the missionaries about 4 years ago but they couldnt convince him so they stopped passing by. So when we showed up we started teaching him and he started to remember the gospel principles that we shared but this time he started to believe in the message and and was super awesome! I came to realize that those missionaries in the past had planted a seed in his heart and we came in and found him when he was ready. This week we had family home evening with a member from my ward and she has a rebel son and he had some friends over and they were listening to some trap music and playing x box so I decided to go and talk to them and we started to be friends a little bit and the kids told me that they like to do Rap Battles!! They turned on some beats and they challenged me and my comp to a Rap Battle haha. We got wrecked….but it was still fun haha.  We also found a lady that was super cool this past week and we had our first lesson with her the other day and the lesson was Perfect and it was by far the best lesson we have ever taught and we invited her to get baptized and everything!! This lady was telling us that she has been looking for a good path and that she really wants to follow our path cause she has talked to everyone besides the MORMONS and she told us that she would be willing to give everything up and change completely in order to follow this path!! But before we ended the lesson she kept getting calls from random numbers and people started to come in the house and it smelt like weed and it turns out she sells drugs….. so I cant wait to see if she is really willing to make this big change hahah! This week we also showed up at an inactive members house of peruvians and it turns out that it was the moms birthday and they had a big barbeque and the mom loves us so she invited us in and there was like 15 people sitting around eating and they thought it was weird cause we were gringos and they were all mad cause they couldnt open up the wine cause we told them we were representives of the Lord Jesus Christ  hahah. They gave us a huge plate of Peruvian food and it was freaking Amazing!!

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