Week 76-Merry Christmas

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a merry christmas! This past week was super fun and full of christmas miracles. This week we found a man named wilson and we left him a book of mormon and a chapter to read and when we went by to teach him he read the chapter we left him, he read the introduction, the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses, the testimony of joseph smith, 1 nephi 1, he watched the joseph smith movie and shared the movie with everyone on facebook, and he watched the christmas talk by russell m nelson!!! We were absolutely shocked and his wife said to us, ¨I dont know what you guys gave him but he has not been able to stop reading this book you guys gave him and I have never seen him pick up a book in his life!!¨ WIlsons response was, ¨When can I leave to do visits with you guys because I would love to be a missionary?¨ HAHAHA Me and my companion were so full of joy and thankfullness for the lord and for the amazing opportunity to teach and find one of the lords chosen children!!! Also, this week me and my zone had a huge light the world activity and we wrapped up a huge box of book of mormons and we went to the ¨Persa¨ which is like a huge market and we set the box down and we started to give out books of mormons and we were able to give out every book of mormon we had in less than 10 minutes. We also dressed up an elder as santa claus and we invited families to come and take pictures with santa hahah and afterwards an elder from our zone wrote down their references hahaha so the activity went  very well!!!! Also christmas morning me and my comp left very early in the morning to do visits and we basically took with us a big decorated picture frame and we had the intentiones to unite the family for a second to take a family picture and it was super fun to wake everyone up and take pictures with a bunch of families and people on the streets hahahahah. Overal awesome christmas and an awesome week over here in chile!!! 

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