Email from Area Presidency

Dear Sister Minor

I am in Santiago on assignment this weekend and was able to spend a few hours with your wonderful son.   He is great!  He is companion to a dear family friend, Elder Weaver, so I was

able to take them to lunch and then go visit their home.  It is a pretty nice set up and pretty clean!   The two of them seem to get along great and are both very, very focused on the work.   Your son, in particular, asked a lot of questions about missionary work even as we caught up on NBA playoffs!   He is a great missionary and is blessing to the mission and his fellow missionaries.   I would expect nothing less from a fellow Californian!

Thank you for preparing such a tremendous young man to serve the Lord in this sweet part of His vineyard!  He is making a true difference!

I am going to send photos in a few emails given the size so that they get through.

Elder Bragg

Un abrazo!


Elder Mark A. Bragg

Presidencia de Área

Área Sudámerica Sur

One thought on “Email from Area Presidency

  1. That’s awesome, Mav!

    Way to work hard! We are all so proud of you! We love reading your letters and seeing you progress as a missionary! Keep up the great work!

    We send our love and our prayers!

    Love, The Montgomery Family


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