Week 30–beer drinking with an investigator…kind of

This week was so awesome and I have seen a lot of really cool miracles! This week I had a bauptism and it was so amzing to see Kamila get baptized and its cool to see her progress and apply the gospel to her life. She said she could feel the spirit so strong and she was thankful for this new path and purpose which was so amzing!! This week we also entered into a house to teach someone and they gave us this really gross soda and as I drank it my comp asked what it was and they said it was, non-alcoholic beer, and we were both super grossed out and surprised that it was even a thing hahaha……we dumped the rest out haha.  I also contacted a cool guy by his door and he invited us in , and as we walked into his house there was a huge gun on the table and the guy knew that we saw it so he casually put his backpack on top of it and we all acted like nothing happened hahahah! It ended up being a really good lesson and he invited us back to teach his family!! We have also been having a lot of cool experiences with the book of mormon, and everytime we pass by for our investigatores they  tell us that they have been reading and that they know its true!! They tell us that they have also seen little miracles every day after they read so that is super cool!! This week I also got my comp ELDER EBERT!!! He is the coolest guy and we work so hard in our sector and he also played lacrosse in highschool! We had a cool experience with a guy who was convinced that the holy ghost is a prophet and that the holy ghost lifts his bed in mid air everynight hahahah. We sat outside his house for an hour getting burned by the sun and hearing hhis crazy stories and afterwards we wanted to end with a prayer but he insisted that he gave us blessings so he grabbed our shoulders and started talking in different tongues and my comp started laughing really hard and it made me laugh but it didnt faze the guy at all hahahah! Right after that contact we visited some Haitians and one of them was named PAPA because he is a father to everyone hahah. He was the funniest guy and he gave us Pepsi and bread and he claimed us as one of his own! He said a prayer to claim us and to thank god for our visit and we were just laughing at the fact that we now have a haitian father hahahahah! But other than that this week has been amazing and me and my new comp are working hard and seeing a lot of blessings from the book of mormon!!  

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