Week 9

So this week I have a lot of stories but I’ll start of with the funny one first. So me and my companion were walking down the street and I saw an older lady hugging her boyfriend at the bustop and I waved and smiled at her and she pulled out a pistol from her boyfriends coat and I accidently started laughing because she looked like the fat kid from the GOONIES. With my luck she started laughing too and she just twirled the pistol around until I walked away. Also next week is the PURGE!! Super stoked for that cause on September 11 the Chileans just start destroying everything and this year I was asked to still go outside which is the first time in years they let missionaries go out on that day. Also for this week I had a super awesome moment with our investigator Monica who believes in literally everything but won’t get baptized because of some weird reason. But during our lesson yesterday she mentioned she had lost a daughter and she was super upset and I was able to share my experience with my father and I talked a little about the plan of salvation and how she would be able to see her daughter again and her heart was touched and after the lession she mentioned to me and my companion the difference in feelings she receives when we come to her home and it was super touching cause I didn’t know I could make someone feel like that. And then my companion asked her to be baptized and she finally said YES after 2 years of lessons with missionaries!! So now me and my boy have 5 baptisms for this next month!! Also I met a lady who loved the missionaries and she was super talented and she was apparently on Americas Got Talent but for Chileans which was cool. But she doesnt want to join the church cause she likes piercings and girls so I didn’t know what to say to her but I just heard her sing and we didn’t share much of a message. Anyways I love spanish and chileans and this missions is super fun!!

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