Week 79-PDD BBQ!

Awesome past week with lots of miracles! Over here in Chile we are in the summer time and so a lot of people have left on vacations and so we have had to spend more time trying to find new poeple and it has been a blast….however we have to go to the same park and street all day everyday in order to contact all these people because all the people in our sector right now only go to one park and only walk on one busy road hahahha so I am getting pretty tired of being in the same place all day everyday hahaha. All of our friends that we are teaching are progressing really well and we set a lot more baptismal dates so Im stoked!! Also this week we had a lot of fun zone activities such as zone breakfast and we had a barbecue for P DAY and me and the boys cooked up a mountain of meat for the crew haha and we love drinking TDD which is like drinking juice with this shredded up herbs mix and its pretty awesome hahah. Overall awesome week!  

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