Week 59-sorry out of order!

Hey everyone. This week was honestly a pretty chill week full of contacts and finding new people to teach so thats good!!! Nothing too exciting happened but I had a lot of spiritual experiences that were awesome and we have been seeing more progress in our investigatores that have baptismal dates so thats great. Also, we found a super funny haitian guy who doesnt speak spanish but speaks a little bit of english and he knows a ton of funny sayings and jokes  in english  but he doesnt understand much when we talk with him so he just looks at us really funny as if he understands but its like a mutual misunderstanding and its super awkward hahahha. But other than that guy we have been having more success in the sector and have been finding  more people to teach so that we can start dunking people pretty soon!!! Love you all and keep enduring to the end!!!

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