Week 73-video attached

Hey everyone!! This week was fantastic and we had two baptisms to start out December so that was awesome!!! We baptized Juan Garcia and Laura and they are both super amazing! Juan has never missed church ever since we met him and he loves to lend a hand and serve and laura is the sweetest little girl and we reactivated her mother and they are just so happy living the gospel together! The baptismal service was incredible also because we had our whole church attendance at the baptism and we had 8 investigatores there to and they all loved it!! This week I also had divisiones with an elder in my zone and I took him contacting for 5 hours straight and I loved it!….but he wasnt too excited about all those contacts hahahha but we had ourselves a good time and we talked with a TON of people!! Also as a zone we are doing a zone choir in each sector in order to share the light the world campaign and this week we hosted the zone choir in our sector and while the zone sang I contacted people and I just so happened to meet a couple that have been married for 16 years but they havent been on a date for 8 years and I just so happened to find them in the park and they loved hearing the choir and they felt really special and I was able to share our beautiful message and hope with them and they absolutely loved it and they told me that their whole attitude towards the church had changed and they committed to go to church on sunday so that was awesome!!! Overall really awesome week and I feel so blessed to be here!!

And I instagram screenshot recorded a fellow Chilean who posted a video of what Maverick just posted about!!!! At the VERY end of the video you can spot him talking to the people on a park bench!!!

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