Week 44

Crazy week with a lot of success! We are starting to get the members involved and motivated and so far we have seen big changes in the ward recently. We are finally starting to plan activities as a ward and we are trying to have the members 100% involved in our missionary work! The sector that I´m in right now is super ready for us and we are just finding so many new people! We actually found a mother who is an inactive member and she has 7 KIDS!! They are all insanely receptive but they are in a really bad situation right now cause they live with drug trafficers and stuff….but the gospel can change lives hahah. Also we had a future investigator pass away the other day cause it turns out he was in a gang and he went out in gun fire or something. His buddys built him a shrine and grilled up meats in front of his house for 3 days straight. And basically the rest of the week was full of dog fights and finding new and great people which is super amazing and I am so happy to find those people who are prepared for this message!!

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