Week 87-met Bishop Waddell from the 70

Hey everyone! This past week was really great and full of fun miracles. On sunday bishop Waddell from the seventy came and we had a fun devotional with him and he taught us about the importance of putting not only baptismal dates but temple dates as well so that all our friends can remain active members of the church. Also that same sunday we set a record of friends at church and it was incredible to see how many of our friends we had attend church!! Also we had a really cool experience with a haitian couple that we are teaching and we are trying to have them get married and we have been trying to find them a new place to stay and so we have been praying a ton for them and it was incredible to see that god heard our prayers and the lord helped us find a new house for them and in the last lesson with them they both had came to the conclusion that they wanted to get married!!!! So they are now progressing a ton and they are one step closer to baptism!!!! Also this past week we ate haitian food everyday for lunch and I have never been so happy!! If you guys ever want some good cheap food then you guys need some haitian friends!! Awesome week and full of miracles and we have been seeing a lot of fruits from our hard work so I couldnt be more excited to see what we can accomplish this coming week! 

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