Week 69

Awesome week with lots of funny small miracles haha!! Me and my comp are killing it in the sector and we are breaking all the mission goals and we couldnt be more happy and as a zone we have been super busy and we have a lot of missionaries who are really reaching their potencial!! This week we had a zone service with the members of our stake and we painted a whole kindergarden school and planted new flowers and it was super fun and it seems like it united the zone a ton and we also got to get to know the members a lot more! Also, this week we had our appointment fall on us at 9:30 so we went to the park to contact and I found some kids playing ping pong in the park so I decided to challenge them to a match and I dared the kids that if I won they would present us to their families and we would share our message with them and they accepted and we started to play and I was losing 2-7 and I said a prayer and I became the legendary come back kid and I wooped them and they presented us to their families and we ended up sharing with them and they loved it hahaha so we found some new investigatores through ping pong hahaha. Also I dont know if I mentioned before but we found an african family here and we began to teach them and at first they didnt accept a baptismal date but we taught them the other day and Jemiladu finally accepted a B-DATE!!! All of our B-DATES are progressing really well right now and I hope we can start getting the water ready soon haha. This week me and my comp had a really awesome experience with a new person that we found and we was a really stubborn man who loved to shout and deny our doctrines and we kept teaching him and towards the end of the lesson I wipped out my book of mormon and I showed him the image of when christ came to the america´s and I began to testify of christ and his love and how christ came to the america´s because he loves all of us and he wants all of the children of god to partake of all the many blessings that god has in store for us. The man was shook and blown away and he said not one word and me and my comp were both stunned and we knew the spirit touched his heart. His response to the story of christ coming to the america´s was, ¨I am so happy to know this now! This is incredible…..tell me more!!¨ I am so grateful for the addicional knowledge that the book of mormon provides us about christ and gods plan so that we never get lost and so that we can rejoice in the pure doctrine of christ so that we may built up our foundation so that we may never fall. Awesome week!!! 

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