Week 35–no photos..even though I sent Mav a new camera!

Hey guys! This week was a pretty good week and full of work but the people have been pretty difficult lately hahaha.We started off the week by teaching some haitians but they both were super religious and they tried to bible bash us but we kept telling them that we werent there to fight but instead to share a message about christ and they were super mad when we said that cause they wanted to fight with us so bad hahah.We also had to go to the ¨Extranjeria¨ to get my comps foreign ID and while I was waiting outside I talked to a haitian woman selling empanadas and I made friends with her and she gave me an empanada for free!! It was super old and wet….and it made me a little sick but it was the thought that counted hahaha. Also a couple of our golden investigatores are moving which stinks but one of our golden investigatores has been reading in the book of mormon and he´s been seeing miracles in his life and as me sat down and talked with him about his miracles he told us about all of them and in the middle of the discussion his señora came outside and we finally had the chance to talk with her!! We saw a huge blessing right there cause we almost started teaching the law of chasity hahahhaha. Nicest lady and she gave us food and wanted us to come by another day so we can talk more with her!! The other day we were also walking in the street at 9:30 and it was getting super late and it was hard to find people or visit people cause they were all sleeping so I told my comp we should walk down the street and find a late night miracle. And right around the corner was a man at his door enjoying ther breeze and I walked right up to him and we started a contact and we ended up teaching him all of the restoration at his door step and he ended up being a really cool guy and we hope that we can teach his family the next visit!! Also Last night we had the same thing happen to us and we were on our way home cause it was super late but I saw a man alone sitting down in the park and he looked sad and as we kept walking I had a spiritual prompting to go talk to him cause I knew something had happened to him but whats cool is that the spirit confirmed to me that the man had lost hope and purpose in his life before talking to him and that I would need to talk about the Plan of Salvation. As we spoke with him the prompting was true and the man had lost hope and purpose. His good buddy past away the night before, he was separated from his wife, and he lost his job. The spirit led us to teach the portion that would be meted in his soul and we gave him the comfort that he needed in his time of need. I am truly seen how god uses his missionaries to bless the lives of others and I know that we must follow the promptings of the spirit so that God may bless the lives of his children here on earth.

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