Week 79-PDD BBQ!

Awesome past week with lots of miracles! Over here in Chile we are in the summer time and so a lot of people have left on vacations and so we have had to spend more time trying to find new poeple and it has been a blast….however we have to go to the same park and street all day everyday in order to contact all these people because all the people in our sector right now only go to one park and only walk on one busy road hahahha so I am getting pretty tired of being in the same place all day everyday hahaha. All of our friends that we are teaching are progressing really well and we set a lot more baptismal dates so Im stoked!! Also this week we had a lot of fun zone activities such as zone breakfast and we had a barbecue for P DAY and me and the boys cooked up a mountain of meat for the crew haha and we love drinking TDD which is like drinking juice with this shredded up herbs mix and its pretty awesome hahah. Overall awesome week!  

Week 78

Hey everyone!! This past week was great and super inspiring! A seventy came down to our mission and really motivated us to double our efforts and to master Preach my gospel so that the heavens rain blessings upon our mission. We also had a leadership conference with him and he put a huge focus on consecrating our lives and not only our missions so that we may be disciples of christ 24/7. Also this past week the work of salvation has been going super well over here and we have been finding a ton of new people to teach and the mayority of those people are well established families which is super awesome!! We have been excited to see so much success here in the sector and also in the zone and we hope to see even more because as the seventy said.. we are capable of doing double!! Awesome week and a lot of life lessons were learned and I am super ready put all of what I learned into play! 

Week 77-Happy New Year!

Hey everyone and happy new year!! This past week was one I will never forget hahha. Straight contacts and sunburns all day haha. This past week the chilean people were partying everyday from christmas till today and nobody wanted to receive us this whole week haha. Therefore we had a pretty long week full of contacts from park to park and we walked what felt like miles each day but I liked it a lot because I got a chance to feel a little bit of what my savior felt when he walked the earth. Also, this week we were in a trio for a day while an elder from our zone was awaiting his new companion and we set a goal to contact the whole morning in some of the ¨Blocks¨ which are kinda like prison cells and we contacted for like 2 hours in the blocks and we wanted to get deeper inside the blocks/prison cells and so we kept walking more inside the blocks and we were quickly stopped by a drugged out dude with a freaking huge gun who was screaming at us hahaha and we were all like, ¨Ya I think we got to go!¨ hahaha. However we left the blocks with a couple of references so it was all worth it haha. Also yesterday for the new year us 3 hopped on to the roof of our house to see the fireworks and we celebrated on the roof and there were firework shows all over santiago that we could see and it was super fun! So overall a good week with lots of hardwork but I am super excited to be done with all these parties so that the people come back to their homes so that we can teach them the gospel hahahha.

Week 76-Merry Christmas

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a merry christmas! This past week was super fun and full of christmas miracles. This week we found a man named wilson and we left him a book of mormon and a chapter to read and when we went by to teach him he read the chapter we left him, he read the introduction, the testimonies of the 3 and 8 witnesses, the testimony of joseph smith, 1 nephi 1, he watched the joseph smith movie and shared the movie with everyone on facebook, and he watched the christmas talk by russell m nelson!!! We were absolutely shocked and his wife said to us, ¨I dont know what you guys gave him but he has not been able to stop reading this book you guys gave him and I have never seen him pick up a book in his life!!¨ WIlsons response was, ¨When can I leave to do visits with you guys because I would love to be a missionary?¨ HAHAHA Me and my companion were so full of joy and thankfullness for the lord and for the amazing opportunity to teach and find one of the lords chosen children!!! Also, this week me and my zone had a huge light the world activity and we wrapped up a huge box of book of mormons and we went to the ¨Persa¨ which is like a huge market and we set the box down and we started to give out books of mormons and we were able to give out every book of mormon we had in less than 10 minutes. We also dressed up an elder as santa claus and we invited families to come and take pictures with santa hahah and afterwards an elder from our zone wrote down their references hahaha so the activity went  very well!!!! Also christmas morning me and my comp left very early in the morning to do visits and we basically took with us a big decorated picture frame and we had the intentiones to unite the family for a second to take a family picture and it was super fun to wake everyone up and take pictures with a bunch of families and people on the streets hahahahah. Overal awesome christmas and an awesome week over here in chile!!! 

Week 75–Decorating the tobacco tree🎄🎄

Amazing past week! We hit all the mission goals this past week and we are accelerating the lords work over here in Los Nogales! We have an amazing relationship with the members and they have been supporting us and giving us amazing references and we have been seeing miracles after miracles this past week! My companion elder heiner also ended his mission this past week so I got a new comp elder grow from sacramento california and he´s an awesome guy! Something hilarious that happened this past week was when I went on divisiones with an elder who is in his training and I took him contacting ALLLLLL morning long to help him build his leg muscles hahah and we ended up finding lots of new investigatores and the new elder was able to give out a ton of books of mormon and when we were walking in the street he found a venezualen guy wearing a john deer hat and he screams at him from 20 yards away and says to him in english, ¨HEYYY I used to ride those suckers all day long!! I love ya bud!¨ The guy stood there shocked and confused and I was the same way  but we ended up walking all the way over to him and we was way receptive and we gave him a book of mormon hahaha. This week we have also seen a lot of miracles with our investigatores! We have had a lot of investigatores with doubts and weird ideas and traditiones that they didnt want to give up but through the power of book of mormon and prayer we were able to help them give up all of those weird ideas and traditiones and the investigatores finally found their answeres!!! HAHAH Also this week we were able to decorate our tabacco tree outside of our house and it looks really pretty hahah.

Week 74

Hey everyone! Pretty busy week with lots of activities!! We have been doing a ton of zone activities and we have been trying to follow the light the world campaign and ts been going really well. As a zone we went to an old folks home and did service and sang to them and that was super fun! Also we had a chapel open house and I was outside contacting with an elder from my zone and we felt like we contacted more than 100 people in 2 hours hahha it was super awesome! Also we had the zone choir again and it was super cool to see the participation of the members and to see the elders and hermanas contcting so that was awesome!! Other than that, last sunday we set the record of church attendance for the year and we had a ton of investigatores in church and we had the primary help a ton because they sang and it was all super great and all of our investigatores loved it!!! So this week has been a blast and we have seen a ton of success in the sector and we have been getting pretty sunburned from being in the street contacting all day but I love that a whole bunch hahaha!! Overall an awesome week full of hardwork and sunburns so I couldnt be happier than that hahah.

Week 73-video attached

Hey everyone!! This week was fantastic and we had two baptisms to start out December so that was awesome!!! We baptized Juan Garcia and Laura and they are both super amazing! Juan has never missed church ever since we met him and he loves to lend a hand and serve and laura is the sweetest little girl and we reactivated her mother and they are just so happy living the gospel together! The baptismal service was incredible also because we had our whole church attendance at the baptism and we had 8 investigatores there to and they all loved it!! This week I also had divisiones with an elder in my zone and I took him contacting for 5 hours straight and I loved it!….but he wasnt too excited about all those contacts hahahha but we had ourselves a good time and we talked with a TON of people!! Also as a zone we are doing a zone choir in each sector in order to share the light the world campaign and this week we hosted the zone choir in our sector and while the zone sang I contacted people and I just so happened to meet a couple that have been married for 16 years but they havent been on a date for 8 years and I just so happened to find them in the park and they loved hearing the choir and they felt really special and I was able to share our beautiful message and hope with them and they absolutely loved it and they told me that their whole attitude towards the church had changed and they committed to go to church on sunday so that was awesome!!! Overall really awesome week and I feel so blessed to be here!!

And I instagram screenshot recorded a fellow Chilean who posted a video of what Maverick just posted about!!!! At the VERY end of the video you can spot him talking to the people on a park bench!!!

Week 72

Dog bites, contacts, and all day in the sun hahaha just a typical week here in chile. We have been dedicating a lot of time for finding new people to teach and we have seen a lot of miracles! The other day we found an inactive member that hasnt spoke to missionaries for 10 years and when we found her she said, ¨How did you guys find me?¨ She said that she received signs and answers that she should come back to church and we just so happened to contact her the day after she received her answers!! She is so wonderful and even after so many years she has a powerful testimony! This week 2 of our investigatores also passed their baptismal interviews so this saturday we will have 2 baptisms and we are super excited!! Also this week I contacted a haitian named TIGA and he let us in his house and he introduced us to some other haitians in the house and we sat down in his house and we started to teach them and me and my comp started sweating bullets because they didnt have windows and they had the stove on and it was a hot summer day and we just started to melt in our seats and it smelt awful in the house and only one of the haitians understood spanish and the others didnt but they still paid attention ahhaha. So I wipped out my creole pamphlet and I just picked out key words in the lessons and started to try my best to speak creole with them and use hand signals and I swear I got the biggest headache after that lesson hahahahha…….I hope that I at least explained the importance of a restoration hahaha. Overall really good week and we are even more excited for the baptisms coming up this saturday!!

Week 71

Another awesome week here in Los Nogales!! Once again we are hitting all the norms and the blessings just keep rolling in. The sector is pure gold and the work is advancing really fast! In fact, this week one of our investigatores stopped smoking and he still hasnt missed 1 sunday at church since the day we met him so we are way excited for him and we are hoping to dunk him pretty soon!!! This week sadly there were changes in the zone so we had to say goodbye to some of our wonderful missionaries in the zone but we got some new missionaries with a lot of energy so we are ready to keep advancing! Today we also had an awesome zone P Day and we had the latinos cook up something good and we all played ping pong, soccer, and spike ball ahha and after we watched finding dory so it was a really fun P Day! Also, this week me and my comp were reading the new testament and we noticed that christ always took advantage of every situaciòn to teach and serve so we decided to put that into practice this past week and we saw many miracles and we were able to teach and find a lot more people and we realized that God puts every person we see in our path for a reason and we discovered that nearly more than half of those people are his chosen sons and daughters. I hope that we may all take advantage of every moment in our life to help share the light of christ and his teachings so that we may help in this great work. Love you all and keep up the great work!!!     

Week 70!!

Hey everyone!! This week was amazing!!!! Me and my comp are killing it in the sector and we nearly doubled all of the mission norms this week and me and my comp won the missionary consecration contest!!! We won a huge bag of snacks from our mission prez and it was sweet! This past week me and the other elders of the house have boughten PIZZA STEVE everynight to celebrate each day and it was good at first but the whole house got a little sick and now we are all sick of pizza because our bedroom smells like old pizza hahahaha. But so far everything has been going super good over here and we have been finding a ton of new investigatores and I hope that they can all keep progressing! Thank you all for your love and support!!