Week 89!

Hey Everyone! This past week was full of great news. We had 2 baptisms(Aurelian Sadrac and Maria Alejandra) they are 2 amazing converts and we had to go through a lot with them to get them ready for their baptisms but it was incredible to see the new light on their faces after their baptisms. The water in the baptismal font was freezing cold and it was hilarious because the first words after dunking my buddy Sadrac were, ¨DANG BRO that was freezin…but I feel like a new man!¨ The other great news is that my convert Elizabeth has been preparing herself to go to the temple and today I have the opportunity to accompany her to get her endowment!!!! Awesome news and I feel so priveliged to have met such great people. Also this week we had a ton of friends go to the baptismal service and we were able to talk with each one of them and they all responded, ¨I loved that! I want to prepare myself to do that!¨ Lots and Lots of our friends over here are preparing for their Baptismal dates and I feel super happy to be able to see lives being changed and seeing their faith grow. Definitetly the best perk of being a missionary!

Week 88-Miracles, Baptisms, zone conference

MIRACLES!!! Me and my comp are absolutely killing it right now and this past week was super super successful! We have 2 baptisms for this sunday which is great and we have an inumerable amount of friends who are progressing right now!! All thanks to the book of mormon!!! We are so thankful for the lord and for all the blessings that he has given us because he led us to so many families and friends who desperately needed the gospel of jesus christ and we feel so blessed to have been able to find them in the right moment at the right time. Also this week me and my comp ran zone conference and we gave an amazing class and we implemented a new game plan to help define the vision of this great mission and allow missionaries to have a more elevated mindset in order to accomplish greater and better things! AWESOME AWESOME WEEK and I cant wait to see what else we are able to do! Also something funny is that I ate a whole raw pizza and got food poising but through the power of prayer and my own will power I got through it and survived hahah. Other than that Ive been doing great! 

Week 87-met Bishop Waddell from the 70

Hey everyone! This past week was really great and full of fun miracles. On sunday bishop Waddell from the seventy came and we had a fun devotional with him and he taught us about the importance of putting not only baptismal dates but temple dates as well so that all our friends can remain active members of the church. Also that same sunday we set a record of friends at church and it was incredible to see how many of our friends we had attend church!! Also we had a really cool experience with a haitian couple that we are teaching and we are trying to have them get married and we have been trying to find them a new place to stay and so we have been praying a ton for them and it was incredible to see that god heard our prayers and the lord helped us find a new house for them and in the last lesson with them they both had came to the conclusion that they wanted to get married!!!! So they are now progressing a ton and they are one step closer to baptism!!!! Also this past week we ate haitian food everyday for lunch and I have never been so happy!! If you guys ever want some good cheap food then you guys need some haitian friends!! Awesome week and full of miracles and we have been seeing a lot of fruits from our hard work so I couldnt be more excited to see what we can accomplish this coming week! 

Week 86-Fasting brings Miracles!

Lots of miracles from fasting this week!! Well this past week we have been fasting for our friends and to find new people who desperately need the gospel and once more the lord has provided!! It`s incredible how fast the lord works. After closing the fast we went to an appointment and we walk into the house where our friends live and we saw that the family wasnt there but we saw a man sitting in the dark and we decided to talk to him and he turned out to be really receptive and he spoke perfect englsih because he studied english in North Carolina but he said that he was suffering a lot because he just got seperated and he has a lot of debt and a ton of other bad things happened to him but the last thing he said was that he has been looking for God but he couldnt find him and he told us that he has been trying to find the church of jesus christ but he hasnt been able to find it. So he told us that right before we came up to him he was just praying to God to help him find THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST!!!! I testified to him of the restoration and I told him that we belong to the restored church of jesus christ and the man started to cry and he said, ¨I have finally found it!¨ We invited him to church on sunday but sadly he doesnt live in our sector and he was just here on vacationes but his last day of his vacation is sunday so he told us that he would go to church before he left so we are super excited for him! We had lots of miracles just like this this week!!! Also I was able to go back to one of my old sectores and see the son of one of my good friends that I was teaching get baptized! Awesome baptism and it was awesome to see a lot of my fruits still in the church progressing!! Awesome past week and super busy with lots of planning and meetings!!

Week 85

Awesome week! This past week went by really fast and the missionary work was solid. We are still hitting double  and we have been trying to find new and creative ways to find people. So this past week we asked some members to lend us some bikes so that we can work faster and get more done and when we showed up to pick up the bikes I got a pink bike with a neon green helmet and my comp got a sick black bike hahah I thought to myself…..we cant get more creative than this hahah. So we drove around all over the sector finding new people and contacting everyone in the street while we were on our way to our appointments and we were able to teach all of our friends in members houses so it was super effective and the members were able to befriend all of our friends so it was great and they all came to church on sunday!!! Also I found some glasses this week and my comp calls them our waxdoble glasses so we bring them all over the place so that we can get motivated and so if you see lots of goofy pics of us thats why hahaha. And we also had a baptism this week of a young boy we are teaching named Pancho and he is a stud and he got the priesthood on sunday and is super excited to serve!!!

Week 84

Hey everyone!! Crazy past week and lots of work! Me and my comp have set some extremely high goals and so this whole past week we have been trying to find like crazy. We both have never worked at such a fast pace and we have never been so happy! We have been able to put on an insane amount of baptismal dates and it is such a blessing to see how the lord has put so many people in our path! As we set goals and exercise our faith the lord works mighty miracles in our lives and he provides the means necessary in order to magnify our callings and bring forth eternal blessings upon the children of our loving heavenly father. SO the message for this week would be to exercise your faith and be humble enough to listen to the promptings of the spirit and if we do so the lord will shed upon your families many many blessings. BIG DREAMS, BIGGER GOALS, MORE ACTION!! #waxstrong #waxdoble

Week 83-lots of pictures!

Hey everyone!! This past week was awesome!! Me and my comp elder grow set really high goals and we had to work super hard in order to achieve them and so we had to wake up earlier each day, leave earlier, and we had to take advantage of every moment to teach and preach and it was a truly blessed week full of miracles! We were able to find many families who desperately needed the gospel this past week and the best part is seeing the hope and light of christ upon their faces as we teach and as they feel the spirit. There couldnt be anything better than that!!! This past week I also had changes and I am now with Elder Galbuchi and we were both called as AP´s and I am kinda nervous but I am super ready for this new assignment and the responsibilities that comes with it. The mission is truly a lovely place and I couldnt think of a better place to be!!! I am going to miss my last ward and all the relationships I made with my investigatores and the members but I am excited to start fresh in a new ward with a machine comp so I am looking forward to working hard for these last couple of months!!

Week 82

We´re still on a role!!! Double,double double!!! We set some big goals this week and we have been having to wake up an hour earlier, leave earlier in the morning, fast lunchs, and we have been taking advantage of every moment to teach and find! We have been killing it and I have never seen so much success!! This past week we had zone conference with the whole north part of the mission and I had to do a couple training courses for the mission and it was fun and I also won the missionary consecration contest for the second time in a row!!! This week I also had a super cool experience with fasting! So we are teaching a couple and we love them so much and we want them to keep the law of chastity in order to receive a ton of blessings and so we fasted and prayed for this couple and we went by to teach them and our prayers were immediantly answered! The Lord had provided this couple with many signs and answers for example random magazines about marriage that randomly appeared on their pourch or other friends and freaking jehova witnesses that talked with them about getting married hahahah. I love the lord and I love how I can put my trust in him in order to be of greater benefit to his beloved children. I have never felt so strongly about the power of fasting till now and I know that sometimes we think, ¨Why does god want us to do this?¨ But what god wants for us is to show him that we trust in him and his word so that he can work miracles in our lives and the lives of those that we love. Awesome week, Obedience,double, fasting, faith….Perfect week in the mission!!…..Also played a little bit of spikeball with the boys!! haha  

Week 81

Awesome past week!! This past week was one for the books and this week has been the same! We had a leadership meeting with all the ZL´s and we were talking about the power of prayer and how we should teach our missionaries how to pray with more faith and power in order to get better results and receive eternal blessings. Therefore, this past week we put this to the test and we started to make our prayers more specific and in our prayers we listed every single thing that we were going to do and what we wanted to accomplish and who we wanted to visit and I can promise all of you that we saw the promised blessings and we were able to acheive double than what we were accomplishing before. We thought we were doing great before but we knew we could be doing double. Therefore through faith, action, and love we were able to find families and people that were specificly mentioned in our prayers and at the exact moment that we planned to meet them. Lots of incredible experiences this week and I dont see any sign of us slowing down  so Im excited to keep this rythm going!!!!!   

Week 80

HOT HOT HOT over here in Chile!!! Awesome past week and full of good ol` contacts hahaha. Nearly everyone is on vacation so we stay on the same 3 streets all day talking with everyone and taking references  so its been a blast but the only hard thing for us is the heat hahahah its making us melt hahah. We keep cool by eating popsicles and drinking Jumex but I am still stubborn and I havent been using sunblock hahah. This week we have also been celebrating birthdays and having some fun zone activities like zone services  and it helps the zone unite even more which is great!! Also, we are teaching a haitian named johanna and she is a machine investigator but she doesnt speak much spanish so I have had to practice my creole with her, “Mwen pale yon ti kras nan Kreyol” hahaha and  we went to teach her yesterday and she has been reading the book of mormon alone and she has grown a  testimony about the restoration and Joseph Smith!!! Awesome week and I am having lots of fun!!!