Week 75–Decorating the tobacco tree🎄🎄

Amazing past week! We hit all the mission goals this past week and we are accelerating the lords work over here in Los Nogales! We have an amazing relationship with the members and they have been supporting us and giving us amazing references and we have been seeing miracles after miracles this past week! My companion elder heiner also ended his mission this past week so I got a new comp elder grow from sacramento california and he´s an awesome guy! Something hilarious that happened this past week was when I went on divisiones with an elder who is in his training and I took him contacting ALLLLLL morning long to help him build his leg muscles hahah and we ended up finding lots of new investigatores and the new elder was able to give out a ton of books of mormon and when we were walking in the street he found a venezualen guy wearing a john deer hat and he screams at him from 20 yards away and says to him in english, ¨HEYYY I used to ride those suckers all day long!! I love ya bud!¨ The guy stood there shocked and confused and I was the same way  but we ended up walking all the way over to him and we was way receptive and we gave him a book of mormon hahaha. This week we have also seen a lot of miracles with our investigatores! We have had a lot of investigatores with doubts and weird ideas and traditiones that they didnt want to give up but through the power of book of mormon and prayer we were able to help them give up all of those weird ideas and traditiones and the investigatores finally found their answeres!!! HAHAH Also this week we were able to decorate our tabacco tree outside of our house and it looks really pretty hahah.

One thought on “Week 75–Decorating the tobacco tree🎄🎄

  1. Dear Elder Minor:

    It makes me feel so good to be able to address you Elder Minor, it brings back so many sweet memories. It sounds like you are doing great and having a good time doing it. We are so proud of you and the work and example you are doing. Your mission is speeding by so fast as if “time flies on wings of lighting and we can not call it back”.

    We all wish you a very Merry Christmas and that you will be safe and reach many willing spirits and spread the gospel cheer in remembrance to all this special Holiday Seasons.

    Keep up the good work and never cease doing good.

    Love and good cheer,

    Papa Minor



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